Statement bzgl. der Terroranschläge in Brüssel

Dear all,

Because of the tragic events that took place in Brussels earlier today, we would like to let you know how GROEZROCK is dealing with this unusual situation.

First of all, we completely understand any and all concerns you might have. Like all of you, we are following the news relating to the attacks. And just like all of you, we hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible.

There is no indication that GROEZROCK is a possible target. We are however in close contact with the security services. They are telling us that for now we should go ahead and do not need to take any extreme measures. That is exactly what GROEZROCK will be doing.

Should the situation change, we will of course immediately let you know through our website and social media.

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that all of your friends and loved ones are safe and would like to express our condolences to the families of the victims.